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“Success is a process, a quality of mind and way of being, an ongoing affirmation of life.” – Alex Noble.

Let’s write your Customer Success Stories and capture your happiest customers’ positive feelings, outcomes, and emotions. And demonstrate how good your products and services really are. This means you will be able to showcase the great results achieved by your customers and prove you are the only supplier to use.

In developing any story, we need to undertake strategic story planning. To do this, we follow these steps-

Undestand the client

We call this the “discovery phase”, where we look to understand your-

  • Business,
  • Products and services,
  • Marketing messages,
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Messaging goals and audience for any story
  • Focus areas you want to be featured in any story
  • Plans for how you wish to deliver the story

And the we…

Strategically plan questions for your customer

 Questions are carefully planned to ensure answers support the direction, focus, and goals of the story to be written.

Our planning looks for powerful evidence-based examples of product or service performance to build credibility, validate product claims, and educate would-be customers.

The Key is our ability to get customer quotes and specific performance metrics that support our messaging goals. See also Strategic Story Planning.

Once the story planning is complete, we then arrange to interview your customer.

Customer interviews

Here we sit down with the customer and ask a series of pre-planned questions to elicit the answers we need to prove and demonstrate the positive performance of your product or service.

This means we are now ready for…

Story drafting, review, and approval

After interviewing your customer, we write the story and send the draft to you for review.

Following any revisions, we send the draft copy to the featured customer for any editing and approval.

Upon the customer’s approval, the Customer Success Story is sent to you in a “raw” doc format for your final approval.

Then it is necessary to consider…

Graphical design and formatting

Most customers have their own corporate design templates for the formatting of their stories.

However, we recommend all customers discuss formatting with us to ensure maximum impact.

We can arrange Graphical Design and Formatting Services through our partners.

For more information, please see…