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Looking to use Case Studies and Success Stories in your marketing?

Check these out!

Here are some videos and articles to help and inspire you. Use them to understand how to use Stories and Case Studies to sell.

Useful Videos

6 Reasons to Embrace Story Telling in Business

By Andrew Thorp – Speaker, Coach, Consultant from Manchester in the UK.

In this 9-minute video, Andrew Thorp gives 6 compelling reasons why you should use stories in your business. He shows how to use stories to effectively get your message across. And, how to use stories to stand out and be noticed. Watch this one. Recommended.

Harnessing the Power of Stories

By Jennifer Aaker – General Atlantic Professor of Marketing, Stanford Graduate School of Marketing.

“Stories are remembered up to  22 times more than facts”.

Learn why stories are remembered more than just facts. In this 9-minute video, Jenifer Aaker gives a powerful presentation on storytelling. You will understand the value of storytelling, and why it is such a valuable tool to develop in your business. Watch this. Recommended viewing.

Useful Articles

In the articles below, you will understand how using Case Studies and CustomerSuccess Stories boost lead generation, sales inquiries, and sales.

How Problem-Solving Case Studies Help You Market Your Business

By Robert W. Bly Author, Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

Looking to use Case Studies as part of your marketing mix? Read this.

Bob Bly captures the essence of what Case Studies are all about. Learn how simple customer success stories sell, and boost confidence in your product or service. And, discover some practical ways Case Studies and Stories can be repurposed to effectively market your business.

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