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Technical Product Success Stories

Technical Product Stories are a great way to communicate complex issues

Technical and Product Success Stories

“Sell the problem you solve. Not the product you make.” – Unknown

Customers usually buy when they have a problem that is expensive and urgent. It is incredible how these sort of difficulties get the immediate attention of management as profits, bonuses, and further promotion opportunities are at risk.

Customer Success stories bring alive real problems, create impact, evoke emotions, demonstrate practical solutions, educate your prospect, build trust, and establishes a credibility are a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal.

A prospective customer sees their situation in the story. How by using your product or service they can solve a problem, or prevent a problem from happening and able to move forward in their business. Success Stories build customer confidence and peace of mind making it more likely they will proceed with a favorable buying decision.

With Technical and Product Stories, it is usually about highlighting the measurable positive results, and benefits without getting into the technical detail of how it works. By focusing on the point of difference, we aim for clear differentiation from your competitors. To do this, we understand your goals and then asking targetted questions of the customer being profiled in the story to bring out those differences and to extract appropriate customer quotes to highlight.

You have probably noticed our use of the term Success Stories. Success Stories in business referred to as Case Studies, yet we prefer the term Success Stories as that is what they are.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you in the development of your Technical and Product Success Stories.

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