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Consulting Success Stories

Consulting Stories to demonstrate your expertise

Consulting Success Stories

Demonstrate your expertise by using Consulting Success Stories and Case Studies. Prospective clients see stories as adding value to the decision-making process and prove you have the expertise and experience to deliver the results required.

Consulting sales often have a long lead time. This is because they involve multiple players, and the projects are usually complex. However, this means the rewards are usually great.

“The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your story. This truth applies to individuals and institutions.”

– Michael Margolis – CEO and Founder of Get Storied

There are multiple players and changing priorities

Different interest groups such as finance, accounting, purchasing, information technology, marketing, senior management, and selected special interest groups are involved in the decision process. In addition, as a consultant, you have to contend with organisational issues, changing priorities, individual and interpersonal issues, the competitive environment, and changes in the regulatory and political climate.

As a result, closing sales is often difficult, and demonstrating your expertise is a key success component.

Stories create breakthroughs and highlight ways forward in complex situations.

Often decisions are made when a prospective client suddenly realises they are hemorrhaging cash or business goals are not being achieved. Suddenly there is urgency and a need to implement a solution. And consultants are called in, in the search to find a solution.

As a result, to win the project, the consultant or consulting firm needs to demonstrate they have the expertise and experience to implement the project successfully.

Stories Sell

Customer Stories and Case Studies are a great way to do this. First, you can educate your prospective customer about your expertise and track record. Second, you can demonstrate your results and expertise working with other customers on similar projects. Your stories are real. They capture real people, real situations, authentic experiences, practical solutions and tangible results, outcomes, and benefits. Stories build peace of mind and are compelling assets to have in your marketing arsenal.

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